We’ve Moved!


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My dear followers,

I’m glad to tell you that as of yesterday, my blog has a new and shiny home, as I’m now proudly self-hosting. It also got a fancy and more suitable URL:


No, it was not my New Year’s Resolution. Maybe that’s why it worked out so fast and so smooth. I completed the transfer within 24 “netto” hours, scattered over 4 days, starting from selecting a domain up to transporting and adjusting all the content and installing all the fancy plugins.

I’m sure some of you who are still on WordPress.com are also thinking about moving and asking themselves how complicated it is. I hope I could help you, as I’m planing to write my experiences down in one of the upcoming posts. If you are not following me yet, but would like to be notified when this post will be published please visit the new blog address and follow me there.

Don’t worry, all the old links didn’t get lost and are being redirected to my new blog. However, you won’t be able to see the new posts in your WordPress Reader for now, but the WordPress Support Team has promised to fix it and “move you over” to the new address soon.

I hope I’ll see you around! Don’t hesitate to come by by my “new place” anytime!

Take care and all the best,


Memo to Myself: Never Try Baking Again. Ever.


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Do you know how sometimes you do something and then you think, “Man, I should remember to not do this ever again”? Memo to myself: Never try going on a diet, as steamed mushrooms taste awful, and make you grumpy and unhappy. Never sign up with a fitness studio, as you always end up going only two times, but paying for the next two years.

Normally, I remember these “memos” very good, and after failing two times tops I stop doing whatever I was doing there. But there is one “memo” that I apparently refuse to take seriously. Continue reading

Three Furry Creatures, Two Souls, and a Coat (Part III)



This is the last part of a “partially true fairy tale” my volatile brain decided it needs to write (the first and the second part to be found here and here). Any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental. However, there is considerably more truth in this story as one would normally find in a usual fairy tale.

– Part III: The Words That Remained Unspoken

Chapter 9, in which Mindful Soul buys a Fantar

From here on, Mindful Soul knew exactly what he needed to do. Next day, he went out and bought heavy drapes for the windows. New locks were installed. He started picking up extra hours at his fur ball factory, leaving early and coming back after dark. He fed Hush double portion of cookies for dinner, pretending not to notice Ary P., who was not getting any food. He vacuum cleaned every day trying to get purple hair, which now seemed to be everywhere, out of the carpets and furniture. He even put Ary P. in a cage and covered it with a blanket, hoping to at least keep it out of sight. Continue reading

Three Furry Creatures, Two Souls, and a Coat (Part II)



This is the second part of a “partially true fairy tale” my volatile brain decided it needs to write (the first part to be found here). Although there is considerably more truth in it as in a usual ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’, any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental, as somewhere in the past everything has already happened, and everything has already been said.

– Part II: Never Leave Your Door Open

Chapter 6, in which we meet Gentle Soul

Mindful Soul used to get bored sometimes, sitting behind the glass wall at his factory, waving and smiling. It was really not as entertaining as one could imagine. So from time to time he used to watch the Souls who came for his white and shiny ‘fur balls to go’. It was one of those boredom moments when he noticed something unusual. Continue reading

Three Furry Creatures, Two Souls, and a Coat (Part I)


As my multiple voicenality disorder, recently officially recognized as volatileness, worsens, my brain decides it needs to write a fairy tale. Although I’d rather call it a partially true story, because every fairy tale has some truth in it, and this particular one maybe even more than usual ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Nevertheless, any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental, as somewhere in the past everything has already happened, and everything has already been said.

– Part I: A White Coat

Chapter 1, in which we meet the Souls and their furry pets


Once upon a time, or maybe even recently, in a land far-far away, there was a City of Souls. No, not of the lost souls, they were all quite ordinary. Well, maybe some of them did get lost from time to time, but then they would take out a map or ask someone for directions, and would easily find their way back.

Every Soul in this city used to have pets. These, however, were of a very special kind. Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Me


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Some time ago, when I was going through the Stage 6 of blogging, right after the Stagnation, reading all possible articles on blogging advice, I wrote a post “Multiple Voicenality Disorder” and diagnosed myself with an inability to stick to one style of writing or even a topic, no matter how hard I tried. Somehow I got convinced that it was a really bad thing after reading all the ‘how-to’s and ‘tips and tricks’, which said that one (of the gazillion) commandments of blogging is to have a niche, a topic, and a style. However, after performing some self-analysis and soul searching I came to the conclusion that there is nothing to be done, and I am destined for the bloggers’ hell for violating this particular, as well as many other sacred commandments of blogging ‘how-to’s bible. Continue reading

Five Things I Love About India/Pakistan


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Caution: Not a funny post! Somehow my “funny” left last week in an unknown direction and hasn’t been seen ever since. Till it comes back, we all unfortunately will have to tolerate a serious me.

It has been 4 months now that I joined my favorite social network. I came there to share stories from my blog with wider audience, but ended up doing and having much more than that. I met some incredible people that shared their stories with me, and sometimes I even shared them with my stories.

Today, I made one unexpectedly interesting acquaintance, which brought my attention to some interesting statistics. From all the people in my circles, there are ca. 10 to whom I talk very often, whose streams I check out regularly. We have fun, semi-fun, serious, all kinds of conversations. About food, about life, about each other. And funny story: 6 of these ca. 10 people are from India/Pakistan. Continue reading

Being a Bigger Person


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I’ve always suspected my parents screwed me up really bad. And still, seeing proofs of it in my everyday life keeps catching me by surprise.

My mother always told me one needs to be a “bigger person”. They disrespect you? Still show your respect. They insult you? Still stay polite. They hurt you? Smile and forgive. Take a deep breath. Be a bigger person. Let it go.

This is what she used to say.

However herself, she always had a truly amazing ability to find your weak spots, no matter how deep they were hiding. Continue reading

Good News Monday: Random Acts Of Kindness


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Good morning, world. This is Good News Monday and I, Gill Andrews.

I don’t want to talk much today (I’m sure I’ll find enough other days to do that). Instead, I want to show you something. Maybe you’ve already stumbled across some of these pictures in the world very wide web, but I think it’s good to be reminded. We humans are forgetful creatures. With this being said, I shall say no more. Continue reading

On Online Friendships or Fake It Till You Think You Made It


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Then you’d better proceed faking it, because your real face is not at all a delight.

Do you also have this relative in your family whom you find simply way too embarrassing? I have one. Let’s call him Uncle Joe. He is the nicest person ever, but he makes the most inappropriate jokes in the most inappropriate moments. So when my friends would come over I would secretly sneak them into my room hoping Uncle Joe stays in his, watching a soccer game or something. Every time there was a family gathering or a party, you could be sure that after some booze Uncle Joe would make you blush feeling embarrassed for both of you.


Don’t get me wrong, we loved Uncle Joe. Sometimes, when it was only us, he would make the most hilarious (although still inappropriate) joke that would bring everybody to laugh-tears. But sometimes, with other people around, we wished we could just lock him up in some sound proof closet till the party’s over.

Guess what? Couple of days ago, I found out I’m somebody’s Uncle Joe. Continue reading