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What can happen on an ordinary day on an ordinary meadow? Everything! A love drama that breaks a family apart, a ruthless crime that leaves its victim in despair. Above all this – a heartless crowd with no sense of civic responsibility. You don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself! Caution: Contains photographic evidence!
This is a beautiful meadow…
…on the banks of the Rhine river.
This is Bob, a handsome hairy bumblebee man.
And this is Nina, Bob’s wife with their baby Nr. 17.
Nina is not happy, because…
Fiona the Fly has a crush on Bob, and keeps sending him photos and inappropriate messages on daily basis.
At some point Bob has enough, and leaves the meadow in an unknown direction, but definitely far away, to reflect upon life and women.
And this is the local mafia: twins Lenny and Bo, Smily Jorge, and mastermind Yuri. They have much bigger problems.
The chief inspector Eagle’s Eye Jr. is namely after them, because…
…they stole the favorite Dolce&Gabbana coat of his cousin Al Bino, who is very upset right now and doesn’t want to talk to anybody.
And this is Mosi the Model. She doesn’t care about all this,
because she is very self-absorbed.
Also Bernd the Mushroom keeps his cool and is not moved by this chaos. Moving is not his thing anyway.
And whoever doesn’t believe this story:
I was there, and it all did happen exactly like this.
The End.