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When I started this blog, I promised myself to keep my posts useful, informative, or at least linguistically valuable. However, my recent phone call with my land lord leaves me no choice. It was either this, or running outside to shout random but swearing words like a crazy angry person. And as outside is pretty unpleasant right now (+4 degrees and raining), I have to break my promise (I hope I can forgive myself eventually), and go with a rant post, that, I’m afraid, will be neither useful nor informative, nor full of linguistic gems.
Usually I don’t regret things, but yesterday I came to regret not being a lawyer, not knowing kung fu, or at least having Chuck Norris as my best friend. Because if I could have at least one of these things, I (or my friend Chuck) would so totally kick butt of Immobilien GmbH (my landlord company) and Hausmeister-Zentralle (the handyman company, friends with Immobilien GmbH). It has been three months already! Give me my electricity in my laundry room back, you incapable bas…, I mean, very bad people!
“- Your claim is currently in progress. – In which stage? – I can’t tell. We have a process, you know. – What’s the current state of the process? – I can’t tell. – How long will it take? – I can’t tell. – Who can? – I don’t know. Maybe, if you call in the middle of the week after next…”
Have u recently had your bureaucrat colleagues from my home country over for the experience exchange, or were you born like this?!
If only I (or my friend Chuck) were a hacker, I would so call you, all right. I would find out your personal number and would call you in the middle of the week after next, and in the middle of this week, and in the middle of the night, and every damn freaking day, till I can use my washing machine again (and maybe some time afterwards, just for you to get the point). But unfortunately, I’m just a normal citizen with no special abilities (except of a tweaking eye I will soon get from these kinds of conversations). So if you see me walking around in the same cloths day after day, you know whom to blame…