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This post is a response to a Daily Prompt of the Daily Post: Childlike, where one is supposed to explain their biggest regret as though to a small child.

I once had a grandma. She was a teacher. She taught me how to read and write even before I went to school. People say I look exactly like her. She was my best friend.

Then, when I was ten, our family moved far away and I couldn’t see her anymore. After this we visited her two times. She came to visit us only once.

It was eight years later. I always remembered her from our times together when I was a child. But so many years have passed now. She got really old, a bit deaf and a bit strange. I missed her so much, but I couldn’t tell her this. I thought cool teenagers don’t tell old grandmas how much they love them. Instead, I almost didn’t speak to her and was hiding in my room all the time. She noticed that and it made her sad. And after another week she left.
It was the last time I saw her. She was hit by a car later that year. My sister sent me a text message. I couldn’t go to the funeral on a short notice. I wished I have told her that time she came to visit how much I missed her, how much she meant to me. But it was too late. I was very upset. I used to dream about her from time to time for a year after this.
Since then, if there is something nice I want to say to somebody I always tell them, even strangers. True story. Some people think it’s weird. But I think it’s not. I just don’t want to be sad if they get hit by a car and will never get to know all these nice things.
Do you have a grandma? If there is something nice you want to tell her, go call her now. Grandmas are not forever, you know. As well as other people. Do tell them all the nice things. Even strangers. But especially your family.
By the way, where is your mother? Why are you sitting here alone? Go! Whoosh-whoosh! I’m getting all sentimental because of you. My God, I haven’t thought about this story in years. Yes, and eat your porridge, and Brussels sprouts. And listen to your parents. And don’t talk to strangers. Except me. I’m Gill by the way. Nice to meet you.