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Last week Cheri from the Daily Post told us she will be looking forward to seeing the Hues of Us. I was looking forward to Cheri checking my hue out, but she didn’t come. I will assume she was just busy, as any other explanation will be too hurtful for my feelings.

This week, Sara (most probably friends with Cheri) told us she couldn’t wait to see what we come up with to show her what Horizon means to us. I have good news for you, Sara. Your waiting is over, because this is me sharing my personal Horizon with you.


This is the view from the westernmost point of continental Europe, Cabo da Roca in Sintra, Portugal. If the Earth were flat one could totally see America, and maybe even Sara, from here. The Atlantic Ocean seems so peaceful. Who could have thought that less than 24 hours from this beautiful moment this beast would claim a perfectly good pair of shoes and an almost new sock, leaving us completely wet and with pockets full of sand far from home on a chilly November evening. And then people wonder why I’m afraid of open waters. I hope it was at least for a good cause, maybe for some homeless octopus who needed footwear.

But this is another long and not at all boring story. Maybe if Sara comes to check out my Horizon, I’ll tell you this story next time.