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Can I ask you a question, my fellow bloggers? How did you manage to find your voice, your style and, in most cases, your topic to dedicate your blog to?

When I started this blog I didn’t have much hope for it to last, as it was my blog number 3. As you can see, I didn’t even bother to select a proper domain name and went with the most obvious, as its two ancestors didn’t survive longer than two posts. The first times I put a lot of effort into the topic selection for my blogs. But every time exactly two posts later I lost any interest. I wanted to write about something off-topic, but it would have been like posting an apple pie recipe on a blog dedicated to computers: totally weird. So with this blog, I decided not to tie myself to any topic and to just write.

Strangely enough, my blog number 3 survived. Whoever collects the empirical evidence for “three times is a charm” cliché: here is one more for you. However, I have a different problem now.

I’ve been reading couple of articles on blogging tips and tricks, and all of them insist on “finding your own voice”, on giving your readers an impression of what to expect. Apparently, it is extremely important. Even the people from Freshly Pressed team (I looked it up in my even earlier days) encourage you to “not be afraid of your voice”, implying that you have one already.

This got me thinking, and it seems like after two months of searching I haven’t found my voice yet. In fact, I am absolutely incapable to stick to a topic or a style for more than couple of posts, and these are not even in a row.

I started with food recipes, followed by some semi-serious essays on life, not at all serious diary entries, a partially true story in photos, a rant post, and giving advice on writing, not to mention all other weird stuff that I can’t even categorize properly. I even posted a poem once (no, I’m not giving you the link, it was embarrassing enough to post it that one time). Yesterday I tried to organize all the tags and review the categories. Failed miserably. There are indeed rarely more than two posts that fit in one category.

One day I thought I’d finally settled for funny essays on my everyday life, but the same very day I suddenly published something dead serious. I have no idea how it happened. People of Freshly Pressed would be pleased to know that I’m definitely not afraid (think of that poem!). Bad news is that I think I have Multiple Voicenality Disorder, which made the search for my voice unsuccessful so far.

You might say, “So what? Just write whatever you want and how you want.” Well… How should I put it mildly? Would you also suggest to a person looking for apartment decoration tips to put that moose head on the wall next to an ancient oriental chair and an IKEA cupboard? Because this is how my blog feels for me write now: a head of a stuffed animal with horns over a cupboard with a weird Swedish name next to an antique chair. The only voice I can hear right now is a voice of concert that would like to know whether this is treatable.

Does anybody know what to expect when they see that a new post has been published here? If you do, please let me know. Me too, I would very much like to know what to expect from myself. Because I already have an idea for my next post, and guess what, it is again different to whatever I’ve posted so far. I guess this antique chair is getting a lamp made of sea shells as a neighbor. The moose head will be thrilled.

So, fellow bloggers, how do you do it? How long did it take you to find your voice? How did you decide on your blog’s topic? And most importantly, how did you manage to stick to it? Any feedback will be much appreciated. I suspect the moose head is watching me while I’m sleeping, and I think I really need to do something about it.

P.S. Oh man, it seems to be more serious than I thought. Just wanted to assign a category to this post when I realized that nothing of what I already have really fits…