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In the light of latest events (see below) and the fact that I’m sick and tired of predominantly very disturbing news being featured in the media, I hereby announce a new regular thingy on True Stories: Good News Monday with Gill Andrews.

As the title suggests, there will be a piece of good news waiting for you here every Monday. To restore your faith in humanity if you’ve lost it. To give you a smile if you woke up hating everybody. Or to make your Monday at least partially a good news, as it is quite the opposite to almost all of us.

Today on Good News Monday:

Lost And Found

My husband is a sweetheart. The most thoughtful, kind and patient man I’ve ever met. He even lets me win “who-could-leave-more-socks-lying-around-the-house” game every time. One problem though: He loses stuff.

I’m sure half of the homeless population of the city is wearing his gloves. Once I bought him an awesome winter scarf. Navy-blue, Italian wool, very chic. I wanted it for myself first, but I’m that kind of a person who enjoys giving more. Wrong call this time – he lost in on a subway, together with his hat I had much less feelings for, but still. The other, minor incidents involve a book and a shickimicki leather bracelet. The major ones have to do with passports and wallets (all items successfully recovered though).

I can’t think of any other example in particular right now and he refuses to provide any information on the subject, but I’m sure his track record is much longer than that. I’m actually afraid he might lose our future baby one day or bring a wrong one back home from the park. He kept bringing parsley instead of cilantro for months after we got married. Memo to myself: don’t forget to put a GPS tracker on that baby.

Last week he lost money, forgot a purse with ca. 250$ on a plane while getting off. I like to think he was in a hurry to see me. He remembered only two days later. I didn’t make a big deal out of it. As I like to say in such cases, “Thank you God that you took it in cash”. Although I couldn’t help but make couple of jokes about my husband losing stuff again (I’m a very weak person when it comes to letting go of a good joke). So we were already moving on, when I remembered something.

A week ago it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to call the airline to ask whether they’ve found it. After my traumatic experience during a language course, where everybody in the group except me stated they would keep the money if they found a wallet on the street, I lost all my faith in humanity in this regard. However, just two days before the lost money on the plane incident I read a post on Google+ where somebody asked the same question. So many people replied that they would return the money saying this would be the only right thing to do. I shared my personal experience with those guys and they reassured me that I was not the odd one out and that returning the money to its rightful owner is still “in”. Faith in humanity partially restored.

So after my husband told me he left his purse on the plane I remembered those guys from Google+. Maybe there were still some honest people out there. We called the airline to find out whether they found the purse. To be honest, we didn’t have much hope. They might have found the purse, but the money will be probably long gone. But guess what, they’ve found it and all the money was still there when we went to pick it up. A person from the airline’s office who gave it back to us barely looked up from his desk, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Thank you so much, the airline person we even don’t know the name of! You don’t know it, but you really made our day. Not because we got our money back, but because you didn’t take advantage of somebody else’s mistake. I wish there were more people like you out there. The world would be so much of a better place.

Also a special thanks to the awesome guys from Google+. We probably would never have called the airline if they haven’t made me realize that there are more good people out there than I used to think.

This was the Good News Monday on True Stories with Gill Andrews. Thanks for staying with us and have a great week everybody.