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So it’s Halloween time in the States I hear. Here in Central Europe it’s just the usual rainy autumn days. No pumpkins. No costumes. No neighbor kids at your door threatening with consequences if they don’t get their candy. Well, not like nothing Halloweeny at all. My friend for example, who has two kids of 4 and 9 did make them costumes and called couple of her friends asking them to buy candy and be at home at a particular time, as the kids will come trick-or-treating. But if you live in a neighborhood of mostly pensioners and dogs like I do, you won’t notice anything different.

Old generation and pets here don’t really care for Halloween. Unless they have a neighbor with kids who calls them asking to buy candy and be home at a particular time. Pity though. There is a dog leaving next door (I suspect he has his own key and a separate room). I don’t know his name, but I gently call him The Horse. He is so huge; just throw a blanket over his back and get him a bridle, and you’ll have a perfect pony you can ride on your trick-or-treating mission. The Horse and I, we once met on a very, very narrow street going in the opposite directions. The Horse was alone, and so was I. Scariest moment of the week. I’d rather have a pony leaving next door.

Sorry, I got carried away again. The purpose of this post was actually to show Cheri something eerie, as this is the topic of the Weekly Photo Challenge of the Daily Post. I’m afraid I have to disappoint Cheri (not like I have a lot of hope that she will come by, but still), because I’m not into eerie stuff. Like at all. My parents were very strict, and I was not allowed to watch much TV. So I still subconsciously believe everything that is happening in a movie is for real.

That’s why I only watch cartoons and comedies. And as I have neither the picture of The Horse nor of that spider from last week (and as much as I like Cheri I’m not going to take him out of the vacuum cleaner just for the sake of a photo), I had to dig into my archives to find something at least remotely creepy. It turns out I don’t take any spooky photos either. I guess it’s that childhood “too less TV” trauma talking.

BUT then I remembered reading a book once, “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo. It takes place in the XVth century Paris, in the dark medieval times (are you spooked already?). I loved that book. I could almost feel the mystery of the darkness, smell the wax of the candles, and hear the steps of Quasimodo, its crippled bell-ringer, going up the stairs to the roof. I guess by now we’ve established the fact that I have an extremely vivid imagination that results in trust issues with fish and no eerie stuff on TV.

I visited Paris and saw the Notre-Dame Cathedral only decades later. Believe it or not, it was exactly how I imagined it. The heavy rain clouds contributed to the spirit perfectly.

Thus, after six paragraphs of not photos we’ve finally reached the very point of this post and the challenge assignment, namely the picture itself. And no, I don’t know why I can’t just post the damn picture without any text around it, like most of other people do, but I promise to think about it later.

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes an image of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, eerie medieval style.


P.S. I was thinking, if I’m already doing a Halloweeny post I could tell you a joke. No idea why I suddenly remembered it, it has nothing to do with anything, but I think the timing is perfect. Caution: Russian humor! Don’t tell me I haven’t warned you and don’t come to me asking for the lost 20 seconds of your life back if you don’t think it’s funny (why does everybody ask me this every time I tell a Russian joke anyways?)

A math problem in class:

– Mr. Johnes gave Peter 5 bars of chocolate, Mrs. Smith gave Peter 7 bars of chocolate, and then Peter took away 10 candy bars from his little brother. What does Peter have now?

– Diabetes! Peter has diabetes!