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Good morning, dear world. This is Good News Monday with Gill Andrews.

A pastor, a rabbi and a mullah walk into a bar… oh, sorry, on the TEDx stage. They do some stand-up comedy, deliver a speech, then hug each other and sing a song. And no, it is not because they have already been to a bar. It is actually quite the opposite.

According to the statistics of this blog, most of its readers come from Northern America and Europe. So most likely you are a Christian. Or an atheist. Chances are you are a Muslim, Jewish or a Hindu. But you can be also a Buddhist, a Scientologist, or even belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (I’m curios. How are you called then? Spaghettimonsterist?), etc.

If I were to believe the mass media, I would think that all of your “team” hates the guts of “the other guys”. That all of you burn each other’s books, flags, and countries for fun. Good thing I stopped watching TV long ago. Good thing I prefer talking to real people and making my own judgments. Good thing I sometimes stumble across the videos like this one. Whoever doesn’t have 10 minutes to watch it in full can rewind to 4:18 to listen to the (in my opinion) main message of it all.

The Interfaith Amigos – Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman – started working together after 9/11, have already spoken to the wide international audience and got even more attention, among others from the New York Times, CBS News, the BBC, after their first book “Getting to the Heart of Interfaith”. If you want to know more about them you can visit their web site.


It gets better. As an atheist, how would you feel about an interfaith dialog with the religious community? And as a gay atheist? Well, Chris Stedman thinks it is totally doable. He thinks that, and I quote:

“atheists and believers have some key things in common and should start working together to improve society”.

Crazy dude, I know. He even wrote a book about it, called “Faitheist: How a Queer Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious”, and travels around giving speeches about his views and efforts. More about Chris and his work here.

Now, why is it good news? Why haven’t I called today’s post “Crazy News Monday”?

It’s good news, because if a pastor, a rabbi and a mullah can do it, so can we. If the gay atheist can do it, so can everybody else. It is possible. It is possible to stop hating each other’s guts and set things on fire. It is possible to stop arguing and start working together to improve the society. Have you been reading the news lately? Then I’m sure you understand how important this is.

And is there a better day to start something new in your life than a Monday?

This was the Good News Monday on True Stories with Gill Andrews. Thanks for staying with me and have a great week everybody.

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