Good morning, world. This is Good News Monday and I, Gill Andrews, your herald of the good news and restorer of the faith in humanity.

So it’s Monday again, ha. If you jumped out of bed today morning, highly motivated and excited to go to work/school, I really envy you. I would rather jump back to bed, highly motivated and excited not to go anywhere. But alas, that’s life, and I had to get up to a beeping sound of an alarm clock while it was still dark outside, preparing myself for another ordinary work day among so many other ones passed and to come.

So was probably Darnell Barton, a bus driver in New York on a Thursday morning. He woke up, took a shower, had his morning coffee, and left for work as hundred times before. But that day turned out to be a very different one.

When was the last time you saved a life? And I don’t mean like became a vegetarian to save couple of cute cows, but like a life of a person. Unless you are saving people for a leaving, like a doctor or a life guard, you most probably never had the honor. As for myself, I really hope I’ll never have to. Because most probably there will be only seconds to decide what to do, and I’m a very indecisive person.

Good thing Darnell Barton is not me. Because in his couple of seconds he did it all right. The fact that Donald Trump gave him 10000$ for that is a lucky coincidence.

I’ll be heading for work soon on an ordinary Monday. There will be neither bridges on my way nor houses on fire. I won’t be looking to save somebody’s life. Not like I’m going to stand still and watch somebody drowning, but I won’t be looking for it on purpose either. I have work to do, you know, and it’s not like the guys who need their lives saved will come to my office.

But what I will do is to keep my eyes open to see whether somebody needs my help. A grandma with a heavy bag. A mom with two kids and a stroller stuck on the stairs. A stressed out colleague. I will not save lives, but I hope I can make some lives a bit easier for a moment. There won’t be neither cameras nor Donald Trump with his money. We will keep it just between us. Besides, I don’t look good on camera anyways.

And this will be my Monday resolution.

This was the Good News Monday on True Stories with Gill Andrews. Thanks for staying with me and have a great week everybody.

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