As my multiple voicenality disorder, recently officially recognized as volatileness, worsens, my brain decides it needs to write a fairy tale. Although I’d rather call it a partially true story, because every fairy tale has some truth in it, and this particular one maybe even more than usual ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Nevertheless, any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental, as somewhere in the past everything has already happened, and everything has already been said.

– Part I: A White Coat

Chapter 1, in which we meet the Souls and their furry pets


Once upon a time, or maybe even recently, in a land far-far away, there was a City of Souls. No, not of the lost souls, they were all quite ordinary. Well, maybe some of them did get lost from time to time, but then they would take out a map or ask someone for directions, and would easily find their way back.

Every Soul in this city used to have pets. These, however, were of a very special kind.

Nobody knew where they came from, but each Soul always had couple of them living in their house. These furry and colorful creatures of different sizes and shapes seemed to come and go as they pleased. They would ‘move in’ with the Souls unexpected, often uninvited. One couldn’t simply make them stay or get rid of them if they were causing trouble.


Soul Scientists wrote lots of articles on that matter, experts published books on ‘how-to’s and ‘tips and tricks’, there were even self-help groups founded. And still, getting these furry monsters under control remained a challenge for the most of the inhabitants of the City.

Not all of these creatures were annoying though. A lot of them were a nice company, and many Souls used to entertain a whole little zoo of their own. And some of those creatures were as beautiful as they were rare, so that every Soul was looking for them and would do everything for them to stay.

Chapter 2, in which we learn about the fur coats


Another peculiarity in the life of otherwise fairly ordinary Souls was their way to dress. In public, they all wore long fur coats. It was considered inappropriate to go out of the house without putting one on. The Souls used to make these coats themselves, out of the fur of their hairy pets. Usually, best colors were chosen for a coat like this. When two Souls would meet on the street, they would secretly compare their coats. Which one is fluffier, softer, more beautiful? To tell you the truth, they were a bit of a show off, these Souls.

They used to wear their fur coats tightly buttoned, sometimes from chin to toes. But you know how, when there is a bunch of furry animals living in the house, their hair is practically on everything you own: carpets, furniture, cloths? One can vacuum clean and do laundry almost every day, but it will still be impossible to get rid of all that hair. So sometimes, when a button or two of a fur coat would get loose, or a strong wind blow would catch a Soul by surprise, one was able to get a glimpse of the real colors of the furry creatures that a Soul had in the house. The colorful hair would be all over the trousers, sweaters, and vests.

That’s why on a windy day the Souls prefer to stay inside, proteceted by the safety of their homes. On cloudy days, some of them wouldn’t leave the house without an umbrella so that in case of rain their coats wouldn’t get damaged. You’ll be surprised to know how many Souls used to dye their fur coats.

Chapter 3, in which we meet Mindful Soul

Somewhere in that City of Souls, in a country far-far away, lived Mindful Soul. Some time ago he too used to have the furry creatures of different colors in his house. But Mindful Soul always found them very annoying and wished he could just get rid of them all.


One day, he heard about the Wise Souls living in the Hidden Lands high in the mountains. A legend said they knew the secret way with those troublesome creatures. And so he packed his bags and travelled thousand miles to meet the Wise Souls and to learn their secret.

He stayed with them for quite some time, becoming their apprentice.

Upon his return, full of determination, he started doing all the exercises the Wise Souls taught him, sometimes sitting there for hours with his eyes closed, and every night before going to sleep he used to read from the Books of Wisdom.

It was not easy and it took some time, but one day all the colorful creatures were indeed gone. Mindful Soul decided to keep only one.

Chapter 4, in which we meet Hush


Hush was considered to be one of the most valuable creatures in the City of Souls. Although they came in different colors, sizes and shapes, it was the only animal that could have a pure white hair. However, if Hush lived together with other, colorful creatures, its otherwise spotless white fur used to get some hue from its ‘roommates’.

That is why Mindful Soul got rid of every creature except Hush. He wanted a white fur coat, just like the ones he saw Wise Souls of the Hidden Lands in the mountains wear.

With no other pet around, his Hush became bigger from day to day. Its fur became long, thick and of a color that could make an Eskimo blind, so shiny white it was. But free of any other shade, it was an icy shine of glaciers of the Ever Frozen Lands.

Chapter 5, in which Mindful Soul starts his own business


Mindful Soul was very proud of his Hush and his new white fur coat he made for himself. Moreover, Hush had so much fur that Mindful Soul founded a small factory where he used to make little white ‘fur balls to go’ and distribute them among other Souls for free. Every morning, he used to personally check every one of the fur balls for any colorful hair and immediately removed it if found any.

These fur balls were very sparkly and nice to touch, but they never lasted long, and one couldn’t make any fur coats out of them.

The ‘fur balls to go’ from the Mindful Soul Factory used to get a lot of praise from the fur experts, and even won some awards at the fur exhibitions. Lots of people used to come to his factory, sometimes there were even queues. But Mindful Soul was so protective of the valuable whiteness of his Hush so that he never met any of these people in person. He used to sit behind a glass wall, waving and smiling at them from the safe distance.


Even in his house, he used to keep the doors tightly locked and opened his windows only on rare occasions.

What if somebody brought some colorful hair with them? If he was not careful enough, the colorful fur of their coats might stick to him and attract those annoying animals back.

Wise Souls taught him well.

And so a year passed since Mindful Soul returned from his journey to the Hidden Lands in the mountains. He and his white Hush lived peacefully in their house, enjoying each other’s company, disturbed by no one. Until one day, when maybe by accident, or maybe on purpose, Mindful Soul left his door… unlocked.

The story continues here: Part II: Never Leave Your Door Open

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