This is the second part of a “partially true fairy tale” my volatile brain decided it needs to write (the first part to be found here). Although there is considerably more truth in it as in a usual ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’, any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental, as somewhere in the past everything has already happened, and everything has already been said.

– Part II: Never Leave Your Door Open

Chapter 6, in which we meet Gentle Soul

Mindful Soul used to get bored sometimes, sitting behind the glass wall at his factory, waving and smiling. It was really not as entertaining as one could imagine. So from time to time he used to watch the Souls who came for his white and shiny ‘fur balls to go’. It was one of those boredom moments when he noticed something unusual.


There was somebody new in the crowd, a new Soul he hadn’t seen there before. There wouldn’t be anything special about her if not for the fur coat she was wearing. Although being of some kind of a light hue (far away from the whiteness of the white coat of the Mindful Soul of course), it seemed to slightly change color if she stood close to another Soul, as if that fur coat would partially absorb the colors around it. Also, sometimes it looked like the coats of other Souls, especially the ones of a darker dye, would get brightened up a little if she stopped to talk to them.

At first, Mindful Soul thought it was just a reflection of light, the sun rays playing a trick on his eyes. But next day it was cloudy, and yet he clearly noticed this peculiar ‘coat behavior’.


Mindful Soul had never seen something like this before. ‘She must be new in town.’– he thought – ‘I wonder who she is.’ His curiosity grew, and one day, when she came again to his factory for the daily portion of the ‘fur balls to go’ he looked her directly in the eye and said: ‘Hi. Welcome to the city. Glad to have you here!’ He did occasionally strike a conversation with a Soul or two. There was no harm in that, his glass wall offered good protection from all the colorful hair the other Souls might bring with them. ‘Thanks!’– she replied. ‘These fur balls you make are really nice. Keep up the good job!’ She turned around and left before Mindful Soul could ask for her name.

Small talk. It’s always a good start. However, you never know where it will get you.

Chapter 7, in which Mindful Soul leaves his door open

This conversation left Mindful Soul wondering even more. Who was that Soul with an unusual fur coat? The only thing he was able to find out is that she was indeed new in town and went by the name ‘Gentle Soul’. That was pretty much it. But one day, when he was in his kitchen, preparing his evening tea, he heard a noise behind him. He turned around and saw Gentle Soul standing in the hallway. ‘The door,’– she said – ‘It was open. Can I come in?’

‘That’s strange.’ – thought Mindful Soul – ‘I could swear I locked that door when I came.’ But before he got a chance to say anything, Gentle Soul took off her shoes and proceeded into the living room. Mindful Soul had no choice but to follow her, trying to remember last time he had somebody over and what one was supposed to do in such cases.


The tea came handy, and soon Gentle Soul was sitting in his favorite arm chair, with a cup of tea in one hand, the fingers of another running through the fur of Hush, who made himself comfortable at her feet on the floor. She seemed to know her way around the furry creatures.

They’ve been talking for an hour when she suddenly got up. ‘Well, this has been nice. I guess it’s time for me to leave.’ And she was gone as unexpected as she appeared.

Mindful Soul shouted his ‘good bye’ towards the door already closed behind her. He set for a while in the silence of his living room, not really sure what to think of this unexpected encounter, then shrug his shoulders as if giving up on making any sense out of it, and decided to go bed. When he put off the lights he noticed his Hush slightly glowing in the dark. But before he could think about it more, he fell asleep.

Chapter 8, in which we meet Ary P.

Since then, every time Mindful Soul would see Gentle Soul at his factory standing in line for the ‘fur balls to go’, he would watch her from the corner of his eye trying to catch her glance, and then waved to her as soon as their eyes would meet. She would always respond, with a nod, a brief wave back, or a wink. It was some kind of a ritual they both seemed to silently have agreed on.

On those days, he seemed to be less bored as usual, sitting behind his glass wall, waving and smiling.

Weeks passed seemingly as usual. Mindful Soul went to his factory every day; his ‘fur balls to go’ business was doing great. He even noticed some renowned experts on fur stopping by. Occasionally, when Gentle Soul used to be there, she and Mindful Soul exchanged couple of words, greetings or nods. Everything seemed to be perfectly normal in the life of Mindful Soul. He liked normal. Ordinary was his favorite state of matters.


Maybe that’s why that day, when he came back from work and went to the kitchen to make his evening cup of tea he didn’t notice it at first. He thought it was Hush again, sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for his portion of the dinner cookies. How many times he told him that tables were not there for sitting on them! But from the corner of his eye he caught something unusual that made him turn around abruptly. The furry creature sitting on the table was… purple.

Mindful Soul closed his eyes and counted till ten. This had no effect whatsoever. When he opened his eyes again, the purple creature was still there, curiously staring at him, swinging its purple tail. Although he hadn’t seen one for a while he recognized it immediately. It was definitely an Ary P., no doubt about that.

Fascinated by its purple color and luminescent fur, Mindful Soul slowly stretched out his hand. Ary P. leaned towards him, but in the last moment he hasty pulled his hand back as if from the open fire, remembering what the Wise Souls from the Hidden Lands in the mountains taught him. No bonding. It will only make everything worse.

Mindful Soul made himself turn around, left the kitchen closing the door behind him, dropped his suddenly tired body on the couch and hid his face in his hands. Hush jumped on the couch beside his master.

‘Oh, this is not good,’ – was Mindful Soul thinking – ‘not good at all. I guess it has been living here for quite some time now. That’s where the glow of Hush must be coming from. How did this thing even get inside? The windows were closed, all the doors locked, there was nobody else in the house. Nobody else except… ‘

Hush winced and suddenly went all grey.

The story continues here: Part III: The Words That Remained Unspoken

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