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My dear followers,

I’m glad to tell you that as of yesterday, my blog has a new and shiny home, as I’m now proudly self-hosting. It also got a fancy and more suitable URL:


No, it was not my New Year’s Resolution. Maybe that’s why it worked out so fast and so smooth. I completed the transfer within 24 “netto” hours, scattered over 4 days, starting from selecting a domain up to transporting and adjusting all the content and installing all the fancy plugins.

I’m sure some of you who are still on WordPress.com are also thinking about moving and asking themselves how complicated it is. I hope I could help you, as I’m planing to write my experiences down in one of the upcoming posts. If you are not following me yet, but would like to be notified when this post will be published please visit the new blog address and follow me there.

Don’t worry, all the old links didn’t get lost and are being redirected to my new blog. However, you won’t be able to see the new posts in your WordPress Reader for now, but the WordPress Support Team has promised to fix it and “move you over” to the new address soon.

I hope I’ll see you around! Don’t hesitate to come by by my “new place” anytime!

Take care and all the best,