What’s All the Fuss About Google Plus?


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What is Google+ all about?

Well, I could tell you the facts and throw couple of buzz words at you (great interface, concept of circles, communities, ripples, transparent privacy handling, hangouts, SEO, more SEO, so much SEO you don’t know where to hide from it, etc.) Or I could tell you what is so much better on G+ compared to Facebook (the short version: pretty much everything; yes, it is). But I guess you can figure out all these things on your own. So instead, I’m going to tell you what Google+ is for me. Continue reading


What Grumpy Cat Can Teach You About SEO


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I bet you have never thought you would see these two things in one sentence. And still, I’m not joking. But first things first.

If you are a SEO expert, doing SEO for a living, or a big SEO fan, you are officially excused. Go do something productive or eat a cookie.

If you have no idea what SEO is, don’t understand it, or feel intimidated by it, come with me! Grumpy Cat is waiting. Continue reading

Good News Monday: A Life Well Saved




Good morning, world. This is Good News Monday and I, Gill Andrews, your herald of the good news and restorer of the faith in humanity.

So it’s Monday again, ha. If you jumped out of bed today morning, highly motivated and excited to go to work/school, I really envy you. I would rather jump back to bed, highly motivated and excited not to go anywhere. But alas, that’s life, and I had to get up to a beeping sound of an alarm clock while it was still dark outside, preparing myself for another ordinary work day among so many other ones passed and to come.

So was probably Darnell Barton, a bus driver in New York on a Thursday morning. He woke up, took a shower, had his morning coffee, and left for work as hundred times before. But that day turned out to be a very different one. Continue reading

Good News Monday: A Pastor, a Rabbi and a Mullah Walk Into a Bar


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Good morning, dear world. This is Good News Monday with Gill Andrews.

A pastor, a rabbi and a mullah walk into a bar… oh, sorry, on the TEDx stage. They do some stand-up comedy, deliver a speech, then hug each other and sing a song. And no, it is not because they have already been to a bar. It is actually quite the opposite. Continue reading

What Social Networks and Professor Pavlov Have in Common


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A follow-up on “3 Main Issues with Social Networks”

Have you heard of Professor Pavlov, the one with a dog and a bell? I’ll tell you briefly in case you haven’t, using pretty pictures so you’ll get my point, but don’t get bored.

Professor Pavlov (1849-1936) was a Russian physiologist. He had a dog Julia. One day he got an awesome idea for an experiment. Before he would feed Julia, he would ring a bell. This might sound like not a real scientific experiment, but it actually was one. You see, at the beginning Julia didn’t care much for bells. But at the end, every time she would hear a ring she would start drooling. This behavior would become known as “conditioned reflex”, and Julia, also known as “Pavlov’s dog”, would become famous and would be studied by lots of students all over the world.

So the experiment would go like:


And at the end, Julia would be like:


Just kidding. Dogs can’t talk. The rest is for real though.

So what do social networks and Professor Pavlov have in common? I’ll get to this in a minute. Continue reading

3 Main Issues With Social Networks


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A personal perspective

Do you remember your life before you registered with a social network? Probably not. Although you might remember the fact that it was not always like this, I bet you forgot how it feels to be off-line, to not even know what off-line means.

Do you sometimes wonder how a person who gets suddenly confronted with all the “benefits” of a social network feels? Probably not. I assume you are too busy posting, liking and +1ing. Never mind, I’ll tell you anyway. Because I’m that person, who had a really bad social network week and now needs to process couple of things. Continue reading

9 Stages of Blogging


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Are you a blogging genius who had their first thousand of followers the same week you started your blog? Than you can stop reading right there and go do something productive. Everybody else, come with me.

How long ago have you started your blog? If it has been some time, I’m sure you can relate. If you’ve just started, let me tell you how it’s going to go. Most likely. Unless you are a blogging genius. Than you can stop reading right there. Continue reading

Good News Monday: Look For The Helpers


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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Fred Rogers

Good morning, world. This is Good News Monday with Gill Andrews.

On November 8th, Typhoon Hayian hit the Philippines. Thousands have been reported dead, thousands are still missing. The damages are tremendous. The devastation is unprecedented. The news reports are flooded with pictures of destruction and stories of the victims. Our hearts go out to them. And it is in times like these when it becomes so clearly visible what our hearts are truly worth of. Continue reading

If I Could, I Would Marry Food


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Habit. The stuff of the everyday — places we go, things we do, people we see.”

I don’t always remember where I went. Sometimes I can’t recollect whom I was meeting. But I always know what was for dinner.

It’s not Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s “the day I roasted the chicken with lemons”, “the day we ate fresh waffles” and “the day we went out for Turkish food”.

And because it’s not weird enough, I photograph my food. Even regular meals if they come out photogenic. Why? Why not. Continue reading

Cory Doctorow Writes Like Me. I Bet He Has No Idea.


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Caution: contains pie charts!

I’ve been on sick leave for two weeks already and I’m really bored. My main occupation these days is reading other people’s blogs, sometimes from the beginning to the end. So if you guys noticed somebody reading the stuff you’ve written years ago, it was probably me.

So I saw this post on Speaker7 blog that got me curious. There was a link to a software called “I write like” that can apparently analyze your writing style and tell you the style of which famous writer it resembles the most. Speaker7 gave that software a masterpiece of writing about butts and how she liked them (yes, she did) to analyze, that resulted in the software labeling it as work of William Shakespeare.

Although no evidence was preserved about the attitude of this great English writer towards butts of any sizes, I guess a lot of you would have dismissed this software as useless right there. But not me. Not the bored IT consultant. Continue reading