Three Furry Creatures, Two Souls, and a Coat


As my multiple voicenality disorder, recently officially recognized as volatileness, worsens, my brain decides it needs to write a fairy tale. Although I’d rather call it a partially true story, because every fairy tale has some truth in it, and this particular one has considerably more of it than usual ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Nevertheless, any resemblance to real persons is most probably purely coincidental, as somewhere in the past everything has already happened, and everything has already been said.

– Part I: A White Coat

Chapter 1, in which we meet the Souls and their furry pets
Chapter 2, in which we learn about the fur coats
Chapter 3, in which we meet Mindful Soul
Chapter 4, in which we meet Hush
Chapter 5, in which Mindful Soul starts his own business

– Part II: Never Leave Your Door Open

Chapter 6, in which we meet Gentle Soul
Chapter 7, in which Mindful Soul leaves his door open
Chapter 8, in which we meet Ary P.

– Part III: The Words That Remained Unspoken

Chapter 9, in which Mindful Soul buys a Fantar
Chapter 10, in which somebody forgets to lock his door again
Chapter 11, in which an unpleasant conversation happens
Chapter 12, in which Gentle Soul hides a treasure
Chapter 13, in which we learn the secret of Gentle Soul

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